the balls
& Sauces

All Natural Hand Crafted Meatballs & Sauces

The Meatball Syndicate uses only the finest meats and produce available. Our meats are all natural free range and HMO and GMO free. The majority of our produce comes from our local Palm Springs farmers market vendors. Our spices are provided by our local Savory Spice Shop in Palm Desert. We strive for a 90% locally sourced, organic rule for all other ingredients used in the making of our hand crafted meatballs and sauces. 

Meatballs by the Pound

The Meatball Syndicate Italian

This is our signature Italian meatball. Just the right amount of herbs and spices will make you think you are in Italy. Serve over any pasta or on a roll for the perfect Italian experience. This ball is paired with our zesty tomato sauce.

$16 or 3 for $42

Chicken Tikka Masala

From the far reaches of India, this meatball has it all. With subtle hints of cumin, clove, cardamon, cinnamon, and coriander these balls will tickle all your senses and transport you to the far reaches of India.

$16 or 3 for $42

Poulet a la Moambe

This West African inspired meatball is considered the national dish of the Congo with a Meatball Syndicate twist. Peanut stew with a little kick of spice to awaken your senses.

$16 or 3 for $42

The Sauces

Handcrafted sauces to enhance the balls.

Tikka Masala

The most popular Indian dish around the world. Organic tomato sauce and fire roasted diced tomatoes, organic coconut cream, organic onion, ginger, and garlic, garam masala, turmeric, cumin, cardamon, coriander, and salt.

$10 or 3 for $25

Spicy Italian Tomato

A blend of organic tomato sauce, fire roasted diced tomato, onion, garlic, fresh herbs, with a little crushed pepper make this a classic go to sauce.

$10 or 3 for $25


A traditional West African peanut sauce with a Meatball Syndicate twist. Organic tomato sauce and fire roasted diced tomatoes, organic coconut milk, organic celery, onion, ginger and spinach, organic peanut butter, spice blend.

$10 or 3 for $25